Targets & Services

SPIRITS OF ITALY is a network of leading Italian distilleries, born in June 2009 with the goal of jointly promoting and finding business channels for their products in specific foreign markets, under the management and coordination of Bertagni Consulting Srl, a consultancy specialising in foreign trade and lobbying.

To date, the members are:

These Distilleries cover around 20% of the Italian production of Grappa and they also have an important market share of grape distillate, brandy, limoncello, amaro, amaretto, sambuca and other liquors.

Members of SPIRITS OF ITALY are all located in different Italian Regions and marcs, grapes or fruits used for their distillates reflect their own history and the unique flavours given by the soil and climate typical of each Region.

The variety of products offered by SPIRITS OF ITALY can cope with any kind of requirements of Italian distillates and spirits in any market, since the integrated range of these products is wide, deep and highly representative of the Italian Excellence.

Bertagni Consulting srl provides to SPIRITS OF ITALY members the following range of services:

  1. SELL IN STRATEGIES: pre-selection of markets, or distribution channels, where companies are not yet structurally present and organization of Joint Trade Actions in order to activate importers and distributors (desk research, missions on targeted market, participation at Spirits Exhibitions)
  2. SELL OUT STRATEGIES: in those markets where companies already have importers, we provide assistance in terms of education of trade and consumers, organization of seminars and tastings, advertising & comunication, follow up to trade relations established by Bertagni Consulting srl

Moreover, we provide members with statistical and technical information on international markets for spirits and a convenient access to Bertagni Consulting srl taylored services to single companies in the International Trade Department (see

In these first 3 years of activity we developed our strategies in Japan (Desk research and mission in 2009), in Russia (Desk research and mission in 2009, participation at Prodexpo Moscow 2010 as Spirits of Italy) and in England (Desk research, mission and Sell out program in 2011). The Network is also interested in developping Far East markets and the Airport Duty Free channel in Italy.