Francoli spa (Piemonte)Piedmont

Francoli's principle aim is to distill grappa of quality and meet the satisfaction of admirers. Equally important is contributing information and forming a culture based on a correct understand-ing and use of alcohol. The ideas and the history of these ideas, which all revolve around alcohol, are Francoli's irreplaceable heritage. "Let 's drink Culture": this is the motto of this distillery located in a beautiful valley at the foot of the Alps and near the Swiss-Italian border. It was established at the end of the 19th century and has kept its traditions until today winning a number of awards such as the Golden Alembic Price for many consecutive years. Luigi Francoli Grappa Company has contributed to the creation and financing of the International Aquavit and Liqueur Library which fundamental research is on the culture, history, and distillation of Grappa. The Library contains over 400 volumes in 12 different languages and has gathered the broadest representation on alcohol. Luigi Francoli Grappa Company created the Francoli Cup (, a national grappa base cocktail competition reserved exclusively for the students attending the Hotel Institutions. The objective of this event is to have yet another possibility to listen and encountered the Hotel Institutes and especially to create a building relationship with the future barmen and women of tomorrow.