Bepi Tosolini srl (Friuli Venezia Giulia)Friuli

A family run distillery founded by Bepi Tosolini in 1943, a master distiller who taught his family all of the secrets of the art of distilling. The family maintains the traditional timing and rules required for refining and aging the distillates in order to preserve the aromas and flavours that were created by their Friulian ancestors as a symbol of continuity and respect for this local tradition. The heirs that now lead the company work together to preserve the ancient knowledge that their grandfather Bepi acquired from the master distillers of the territory of Friuli, refining it over time through the continued search for product quality and purity. An interesting innovation by Bepi Tosolini is that the steam still does not "burn" the marc or the grapes, but instead delicately transports the alcoholic vapours to the top of the device, thereby preserving their perfumes and aromas, until a pure and superior distillate is obtained.