Acquavite spa - Acquaviti Roberto Castagner (Veneto)Veneto

This distillery is the largest in the Veneto region and produces about 10% of the entire national product of quality distillates. It is characterised by an extremely innovative method of preserving the pomace fresh for several months before distillation (GrappaSystem®), using different distillation methods, continuous or discontinuous, all personally supervised by the owner and Master Distiller, Roberto Castagner himself. Grapes are distilled in copper, glass or gold, and in some cases are smoked prior to distillation (Torba Nera and Torba Rossa). Roberto Castagner is above all a master distiller and innovative thinker who conceived a new philosophy of drinking alcohol in line with emerging lifestyles, in the pursuit of healthier, safer behaviour, without having to forgo the enjoyment. The end result is a new innovative range of products called DRINK 21 (with 21% Vol.Alc only) that meets these demands as expressed by society.